Soil Pipe Cutter, 6″ Wheeler Rex

Min Rate     
Min Hours     
Daily Rate     
Weekly Rate     
Monthly Rate     
$23.00 4 $33.00 $96.00 $270.00




Cuts 1 1/2″-6″ Std Wt, 1 1/2″-5″ XH Soil Pipe, 1 1/2″-6″ . Will cut  clay or cast iron pipe.

Ratchet chain pipe cutters are similar to single-stroke manual chain cutters, but feature a ratchet-action cutting capability. Ratchet chain pipe cutters ease the strain involved in producing a cut.

Wheeler-Rex ratchet chain pipe cutters consist of a flexible chain that wraps around the pipe and locks in place. Once locked, you use the handles to ratchet the chain tighter and tighter around the pipe. The cutter wheels embedded in the chain provide pressure from all sides and soon you’ll hear the “pop” sound that means your pipe has been snapped clean.

Wheeler-Rex ratchet chain pipe cutters allow you to cut pipe in a ditch or on the ground, but also overhead or in close quarters. The ratchet action is done parallel to the pipe providing a definite advantage over other types of pipe cutters.