Tiller, 9Hp Rear-Tine, Barreto

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$50.00 2 $95.00 $380.00 $1140.00


Built for the rental and professional user markets; demanded and acclaimed by homeowners, contractors and nurserymen.
Performance. The weight balance, stability, and fast tine speed allow the BARRETO to work where others can’t. The shock absorbing action of hydraulic power means the BARRETO won’t run away while tilling hard, rocky or unbroken ground.
Durability and Simplicity. The frame is constructed of heavy 3/16″ steel plate with double welded seams. The internally sealed body is also a 14 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir, keeping oil temperatures at a normal 150 degrees. The dependable tine drive hydraulic motor is directly mounted to the tine shaft, eliminating troublesome belts, chains and gears.
Transportable. Our sturdy, specially designed tilt bed trailer makes it easy to move the BARRETO. Low trailer profile and positive locking devices allow the tiller to be loaded and transported safely and conveniently.
Easy Operation. Fingertip controls offer infinitely variable ground speeds both forward and reverse, creating the ultimate in operating ease. Wheels operate independently of tines, allowing operator to easily match wheel speed to soil conditions. Tines can be rotated forward and reverse.
Low Maintenance, Most moving parts are lubricated by hydraulic oil. Shafts and bearings are protected by seals and plates There are only three grease fittings on the entire machine. Pressure relief valves prevent damage when tines or wheels are blocked.

Length: 66″
Width: 20.75″
Height: 36″
Tine width: 18″
Tine diameter: 14.5″
Wheel width: 23″
Weight: 560 lbs.