Multiquip 2″ Trash Pump – ST2010CUL

Min Rate     
Min Hours     
Daily Rate     
Weekly Rate     
Monthly Rate     
$30.00 4 $42.00 $126.00 $378.00


Heavily debris-laden water calls for rugged pumps. Multiquip submersible trash pumps can easily handle solids up to 1″ in diameter. A vortex action discharges solids away from the cast-iron multi-vane impeller to prevent clogging.

Submersible Trash Pumps
2-inch, 0.5 HP, 115V
2-inch, 0.5 HP, 115V
2-inch, 1 HP, 115V

Features and Benefits

-Compact design with thermal overload protection

-Handles solids up to 1″ in diameter

-2″ diameter models are available with cast-iron or stainless-steel housings.