Multiquip 2″ Gas Trash Pump

Min Rate     
Min Hours     
Daily Rate     
Weekly Rate     
Monthly Rate     
$35.00 4 $45.00 $135.00 $405.00


Gasoline Powered

Engineered to meet the requirements of
professional contractors.

Rugged and dependable, they are ideal for dewatering applications with high solid content.

Sticks, stones and debris easily pass through the pump, minimizing downtime due to clogging.
Trash Pumps, Gasoline Powered
2-inch, 6-HP Robin
2-inch, 5.5-HP Honda
3-inch, 8.5 HP Robin
3-inch, 8-HP Honda
4-inch, 11-HP Robin
4-inch, 11 HP Honda

Features and Benefits

– Quickly disassemble for easy cleanout in the field.
– Wheelkits and trailers are available as options.
– Handle solids up to 2″ in diameter.
– Copper/ceramic seal on 2″ to 4″ models.
– Tungsten/carbide oil-filled seal on 6″ models.
– QP-Series is equipped a protective steel frame.