Koshin Electric Sump Pump – SM-62511



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$12.00 4 $20.00 $60.00 $180.00
  • Compact size means easy portability.
  • Metal impeller and motor housings.
  • Strain relief on the power cord keeps the cord in the pump.
  • Thermal protector turns off power supply to protect motor in case of overload.
  • Special oil filled shaft seal allows for periods of dry running.
  • Environmentally safe liquid paraffin is used in place of oil.
  • Lightweight ABS plastic bodies and bases for corrosion resistance and include garden hose adapters.


Discharge Size: 1.25″ NPT
Maximum Capacity: 1260 GPH
Maximum Head: 20′
Motor Output: 1/5 HP
Voltage: AC-110V
Rated Current: 1.4 AMP
Cable Length: 8′
Dimension (Dia X H): 6″ X 10.5″
Net Weight: 7.5 lb.