Genie Lift, GL-8, Handy Lift

Min Rate     
Min Hours     
Daily Rate     
Weekly Rate     
Monthly Rate     
$25.00 4 $40.00 $120.00 $360.00

Product Description

The Genie Lift’s improved design provides years of
reliable service. It is easily loaded in any size pickup truck
to go where ever you need a lift! With three base models to
choose from, the Genie Lift is ideal for all your material
handling needs.

  • Shipping/receiving
  • Transporting appliances
  • Lifting heavy material to or from shelves
  • Moving office equipment
  • Installing ceiling/wall appliances
  • Record storage and retrieval
  • HVAC installation and repair
  • Lifting equipment/computer products in retail stores
  • Handling cement bags
  • Lifting and moving automotive parts