Generator, 2000 Watt, Portable, Gas, Honda Power Equipment – EU2000



Min Rate     
Min Hours     
Daily Rate     
Weekly Rate     
Monthly Rate     
$45.00 8 $45.00 $135.00 $405.00

At only 46.3 lbs, the EU2000 utilizes Honda’s “state of the art” inverter technology to provide 2000 watts of lightweight, quiet and efficient power. This generator will run up to 15 hours on a single tank of gas when used with the Eco-Throttle feature. This easy starting generator produces only 59dB of sound at 7 meters with a full load, which is less than the rating of common speech.

The Honda Inverter Technology makes this generator ideally suited for use with sensitive electronics (e.g., computer, fax, printer, and telephone, stereo) because the generator produces a clean sine wave of energy that prevents surging. To prevent any possible damage to the unit, the Oil Alert will shut the unit off when the oil drops below a safe operating level.

The unit also has a DC terminal for use when charging 12-volt automotive type batteries. The available power is commonly used for the following typical electric devices:

  • Full Size Micro Wave Ovens
  • Larger Power Tools i.e. circular saw
  • Resistive Load Kitchen Appliances (i.e. Coffee Maker, Toaster, small a/c units etc).

Two like EU series generators can be linked in parallel to increase available wattage through the generator outlets.