Floor Sander, Essex Silver-Line, SL-8 Drum Sander

45.00 4 $55.00 $220.00 $660.00

Minimum rate: $45. 4hours  $55./day $220/week $660/month


SL-8 Drum Sander

The Silver-Line SL-8 is the leader in rental sanders for one reason…it works! The SL-8 is the only machine on the market that will enable the DIYer to achieve the professional results the first time they sand a floor.

The SL-8 features a 1HP constant speed motor, soft rubber drum and our unique cam locking system. When combined they work like a professional sander. The sand paper is held between 2 springloaded cams while the slow 1800 RPM constant speed of the drum will not gouge floors. The tilt action of the SL-8 also allows for a more controlled and even sanding. The weight of the machine is specially designed and evenly distributed for best results.

Made in the USA. Sandpaper (sold separately) is available in 20G, 36G and 100G.   Empty the dust bag frequently to reduce the chance of spontaneous combustion.


NEW!  This sander is now offered in a velcro -drum style for greater ease of installing the paper on the drum.