Floor Sander, Edger, Essex Silver-Line, SL-7 Floor Edger

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$24.00 4 $35.00 $140.00 $420.00


SL-7 Floor Edger

The Silver-Line SL-7 is the leader in floor edgers and is engineered to give top performance on even the toughest jobs.

The powerful motor delivers 3600 RPM for the fast smooth cutting your project requires. The oversized vacuum fan and chamber work together to achieve superior dust pick up that will make you or your customers very happy.  Caution:  empty bag of dust frequently to avoid the risk of spontaneous combustion.

The SL-7, manufactured from tough aluminum alloys, offers electronically balanced parts for vibration free operation as well as a highly polished clean exterior providing extremely low maintenance.

Sandpaper sold separately.