Drill, 3/4″ Electric, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp – 1854 Super Hole Shooter

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$15.00 4 $20.00 $60.00 $180.00


Milwaukee Tool 1854-1, 3/4 in. Super Hole Shooter, 350 RPM
The tool man’s dream, the Super Hole Shooter has the most hand held power available. From turning the largest bits into steel to powering grain augers or other equipment that requires portable power, the Super Hole Shooter line of drills can handle it. The 1854-1 drill features 350 rpm with a 3/4 in. capacity chuck. This is the standard that all other drills are compared to. Includes drill and pipe handle.

* 3/4 in. capacity in steel
* 350 rpm, reversing
* Powerful 10 amp motor
* #3 Jacobs taper spindle