Drill, 1/2″ Standard, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp – 1610 Heavy Duty Hole Shooter

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$10.00 4 $15.00 $45.00 $135.00


Milwaukee Tool 1610-1, 650 RPM Heavy-Duty Compact Hole Shooter
Big power in a compact drill, the Milwaukee 1610-1 is easy to use with its extra long handles. This drill is made for 2 handed operation which is nice for large hole drilling or material mixing, this drill has the power to handle it. This unit features a 650 rpm operating speed, a good speed for general purpose use. Includes drill and pipe handle.

Product Features
* 1/2 in. capacity in steel
* 650 rpm, reversing
* Powerful 7 amp motor
* Heat treated gears are Helical-Cut for quiet performance