Cut-Off Saw, 12″ Electric, Bosch – 1365 Abrasive Cutoff

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  • 15 Amps, 4,300 RPM
  • Natural debris removal – wheel rotation carries sparks, dust and debris away from the operator
  • AC/DC capability – extends the versatility of the tool by working from DC outlets such as welders and generators
  • Reinforced armature windings – protects motor against abrasive dust and metal debris
  • Service Minder brushes – eliminate guesswork, stops the tool when preventative maintenance is required
  • Reversible handle – wraparound side handle mounts left or right for added convenience and versatility
  • Large footplate – improves stability and allows greater depth of cut, smooth on both sides for guiding
  • Double Insulated, UL listed, complies to OSHA
  • Reversible fire position – tool comes set up in fire forward position, but is easily changed to fire reverse position without additional accessories

Includes auxiliary handle, wheel guard, adjustable footplate, inside flange, 1-inch arbor locking nut, 3/8-inch Allen wrench, outside flang, 7/8-inch arbor locking nut and 6mm Allen wrench.