Carpet Extractor, Castex Model 1200

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20.00 4  



$90.00 $270.00



Castex Carpet Soil Extraction Machine

The Model 1200 4-gallon (15 L) carpet extractor is built with many innovative features and has a new, sleek design. Features include a folding handle design with multiple positions for operator comfort, trigger grips for solution dispersal and the industry’s first combined pump and brush motor which reduces plumbing fixtures for a compact size and lighter weight. The Model 1200 weighs only 55 lbs., is simple to operate, and easy to maintain. It features a floating brush head design that requires no manual adjustment and is built with two spray jets that evenly dispense solution and require no tools to remove. Comes equipped with a removable 4-gallon recovery tank which eases emptying. The compact Model 1200 extractor covers a 13 inch (33 cm) cleaning path and is ideal for cleaning small and medium size areas.